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122/1 Derrimut Road
Hoppers Crossing
VIC 3029
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+61 3 9748 6666


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Sunday 09:00am — 11:30am
Monday 07:15am — 08:00pm
Tuesday 08:00am — 08:00pm
Wednesday 07:15am — 08:00pm
Thursday 08:00am — 08:00pm
Friday 07:15am — 07:30pm
Saturday 08:00am — 01:00pm


    Leigh Forbes Added July 05, 2020
    PART 1- 2
    Today I finally write this review for Angela and the Melbourne Natural Medicine Clinic. I have wanted to put my thoughts, feelings; share my story, my challenge and healing crisis and all the love and appreciation I have for Angela down on paper. I have found it hard to find the words to match how I feel for Angela and just how powerful and life changing her help and her presence has been in my life.

    I first met Angela through a true synchronicity moment. I had been on the search for my face cleanser and a local stockist. I had found one close to my home and headed into the Melbourne Natural Medicine clinic. I had walked in and behind the counter Angela made her way to greet me. I was taken by surprise with how beautiful she was, her eyes bright and clear and her smile was warm, kind and charming. To me she radiated health and a magnetic and genuine vibe. I was instantly curious about what Naturopaths really do and how they prescribe medicine? It was a memory in my life that I will never forget because it was the day one of my biggest teachers had entered my life. It was also the day Naturopathy entered my life and was so much more than prescribing a medicine. Wow! Prior to this, medicine in the form of pills, capsules and liquid had only ever been something I had to digest and that was prescribed as a way to maintain my symptoms. A cure was never ever mentioned and remission was a dirty word used around the circle of G.I professionals.

    Working with Angela over the years what I love, admire and respect about her is how she holds the space for you to share what is happening with your body, mind, day to day life, fears and vulnerability – just being human. When you are unwell consistently, you try over and over different medication, test and trials over and over, listening to the specialists, doing what you are told; your mental health deteriorates and the will to live dwindles because your day to day physical comfortability takes over and you lose hope. A merry go round of hospital stays, operations, prodded and poked! It all wears very thin and faith in yourself to keep going becomes less and less. Just a minute of relief makes your day!

    At the beginning of my healing crisis, Angela would suggest tweaks here and there initially and would provide prescriptions that consist of medince but also lifestyle changes, modifications and most importantly self-care! This introduced me to all facets of natural medicine and I worked with most modalities under the umbrella of alternative therapies, while in conjunction with my pharmaceutical medicine. WOW. What a difference. My body was resonating with Angela and all her knowledge. Other modalities were also helping with symptoms and I was finally feeling like my original self.
    Cath Thomas Added July 01, 2020
    Chantelle has been amazing - fantastic and personalised service that has made such a difference. Her support in very challenging health circumstances has been amazing.
    Maria Mantzis Added June 24, 2020
    Currently seeing Rebecca as I am undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. I have never felt in more safer hands during a time that would under normal circumstances leave me highly stressed and vulnerable.
    She works so well along with my oncology requirements that I am totally kicking goals helping my body recover exceptionally well from each chemo round.
    Her support, assistance and like minded sense of humour has me always looking forward to our appointments. She was an answer to my prayers!
    Add to that the wonderful girls on reception, MNMC is a clinic I would highly and unreservedly recommend without a shadow of a doubt. Now with appointments via phone or Zoom you can still obtain the high level of care you require without having to leave home.

    Hope you all stay safe & well!
    Maria Mantzanidis

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